Melting Crayons

First things first, today is my daughter's birthday and here is small note to her. For this blog would not exist if not for her.


Dear A,

3 years back when I held you, a tiny little thing in my hands, I remember being so unsure of myself. There were so many doubts and apprehensions. How would I ever know how to be a mother? Would I take the right decision and give you the right direction?

Little did I know, it would be you who would give my life a new direction. Today things have changed and because of you I continue growing and becoming me. Every day with you is a an adventure, a challenge. Its like fairy lights, rainbows  and thunderstorms all rolled into one. Thank you for coming into my life and making it what it is.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

p.s - I hope you enjoyed the melting crayon activity today


So I had seen some melted crayon art on google images and have been wanting to do a similar version with my daughter.

1. We took a small piece of paper and used some masking  tape to cover a small area at the bottom of the page where we wanted to place an umbrella.

2.We then taped some broken crayons on the top edge. When taping did not work we used the clothes line clips to hold the crayons vertically on the top edge of the paper.

3. My daughter then held the hair-drier and pointed it towards the crayon ends and I held the paper vertically so that the melted crayons could pour downwards. We placed a tissue paper at the bottom in order to avoid making a mess of the floor.

4.  The whole process is beautiful. The crayons melt and move downwards and when they dry, the texture is amazing. I do not have snaps of all the steps unfortunately but will do this activity again and update the post with better snaps.

5. Once the paper was dry we cut out an umbrella and pasted it as below.

Masking tape or sellotape on paper.( Our paper was of a gloss finish so regular sellotape worked)

A close up of the textures

The final picture.

Now since this activity got over too quickly and my daughter wanted to continue colouring with crayons,  I modified the process a bit and gave her a paper with some masking tape stuck at the bottom and asked her to draw vertical stokes all over the paper with any colour she chose. Then we removed the tapes and brought on the umbrella.

We did try pointing the hair drier at the second picture but other than some gaining a slightly smoother texture we could not achieve much.

So are you melting your crayons today?

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Unknown said...

This is such a good idea! A great rainy day daughter will love this! Thank you!

Unknown said...

What a good idea! My daughter will love this! Thank you!

EmmaT said...

This looks great. I've been meaning to try similar with N, but not got round to it, so really should

Unknown said...

These are beautiful. Wish I had a hairdryer!

Unknown said...

Thankyou for this, and happy birthday to your daughter. I'd not even heard of melting crayons before, so this will certainly be on our to do list. thank you. #pintorial

Keerti said...

lauraevelynbee - Thanks for visiting. Glad you like it.

Keerti said...

EmmaT - Yes its an easy activity and quite engrossing too.

Keerti said...

MummyM- Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked it.

Keerti said...

MummyM- Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked it.

Keerti said...

Abi- Yay to Hair driers!

Shanice Bannis said...

Such a cute idea! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream's City of Links last Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week :)

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