Top 3 crafts to do this week

Th Internet is full of awesome folks who generate these amazing ideas. I have always loved reading and  bookmarking pages of crafts I thought interesting. Here are some for you.

Leaf Doodling With Metallic Pens

Leaf Doodling With Metallic Pens

I realize preschoolers may not have great coordination and hand control to do these amazing doodles. However, its a fun way to practice working those tiny hands.

Foot and Hand Print Parrot

 I found this really cool pin on Amber Solan's Board. A bit messy perhaps but something to love.

What Do We Wear

My preschooler is super choosy about what she wants to wear and I do have a hard time making her understand the co-relation between weather and the clothes you wear.  This is a fun way to get them to understand the dress for weather concept.

What Do I Wear? Make Weather Clothing Tags Activity


Until next week then.Keep those tiny hands busy!




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