Reusable Picture Frames

When weekends are ruined by rain and we have to stay in, we have to put on our crafty hats and get something going.

My daughter was in a very bad mood this morning and so I asked her if she would like to paint, only to get a resounding NO. Crayons? NO. 

So I told her we could hang her painting on a frame and that she could hang it up where ever she wants. That got her interested.

I drew a house with a black pen on a white sheet of paper and let her do her work with watercolours.

Resulted in this

We then took a sheet of black construction paper and drew two lines on either side so that the above painting could be slipped in between them. We then made a slit along the two parallel lines drawn.

Using a piece of string and the slits already made, I fashioned a loop which can be used to hand the frame anywhere.

Then we slipped in the painting between the slits and viola , we have our quick Painting f=Frame ready.

My daughter was super excited with her frame and I am sure your child would be too. There is a lot to say about motivation via an opportunity to showcase. The best part is you can replace the painting with a new one any time.

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