Bunny and Owl Craft

Do you have a preschooler at home? Do you like reading stories to him or her? I have a daughter who is not yet three and loves it when I read stories to her.

We have been reading The Rabbit Tale, Usborne First Reading. It can be purchased at amazon here, here or here.

To make the whole process interesting we also made a bunny and owl using toilet paper rolls.

Materials Needed

1. Two Toilet paper rolls
2.  Sketch Pens or color pens
3.  Child safe Glue
4. Some cardboard and paper(Any Color)

Steps for a bunny

1. Smear the toilet roll with glue and roll a paper on it.
2. Draw and cut out two big bunny ears on cardboard and color them
3. Draw eyes, nose and bunny teeth.
4.Stick the bunny ears to the roll.

Steps for a toilet paper roll/tube owl

1. Take a toilet paper roll and fold the top of the toilet paper roll down toward the middle to form the owls ears.

2. Draw an owl like below and let your preschooler go crazy with colors 


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