What we did on your First Birthday

Dear A,

My my, you are now 1 year, 1 week and 1 day old exactly. Your first birthday did not have the usual fanfare and gala( All that will come on September fourth for your ayush omam) but was cozy and charming nevertheless. Your maasi, dinks, Soundarya attai and Mitun Attimbar were all here and I am pleased to say you had a good day, for what you want the most on a daily basis is attention which was available aplenty that day.

For starters it was one of the warmest days we have seen in this summer. A good 35 degrees. You could walk around in almost nothing and play in the water tub for a long time. In the morning your appa and I had a ball "celebrating" your birthday by blowing up balloons and decorating with ribbons and such. I think you enjoyed watching us do all that too. Later when your maasi came down, you ran to her and surprisingly it was as if you remembered her from may. She has given you two precious hand made birthday cards and a lovely blue gum boot. I hope you treasure these cards and use the gum boots! In the evening, Soundarya attai and Mitun attimbar came down and we we all sang happy birthday and cut a cake with single candle. Even now when I look at your face in the short video taken at that time, I know that you like being the center of attention and enjoyed all the singing and clapping. We then went out and had Italian dinner and though you really hated the dark hot resturant, soft brown bread seemed to perk you up a bit. Yes you are eating more things now. Usually you want to eat exactly what your appa and I are eating and that too right out of our plates! We indulge you and secretly love to give you some nibbles and watch your face for reactions:). Anyhow fortunately for you, we kept the dinner quick and short and were out of there in no time. Back home you were on to your usual antics( Opening wardrobes, pulling out stuff, dragging it around the house, clapping hands and playing with ball)  and guess what, never turned on the TV and you did not miss it one bit! In all it was good and satisfying day for all us.

Lots of love


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