What is Baby A up to?

I realize, I skipped baby A's 10th month update. It is just that between Swiss trip, amma's coming and the appearance of Belgium summer, which has finally decided to grace us with sunny days, that is up till now( for the fact that I am here should tell you today is an exception), we have been spending most of our waking hours outside. Hence internet world had taken a backseat. Now without much more beating around the bush let me say what has been on the top of my mind these last 2 months.

Baby A is in the CUTEST stage. :)

This neither a baby nor a toddler stage tops all scales of, let me say it again..cuteness.

At ten and half months she now toddles all over the place,opens bathroom cabinet door, walks around with a sock in each hand( she loves to do idea why it amuses her so much), climbs by herself on the bouncer,follows the pigeons and crows in the park and claps her hands in glee,  plays peek a boo, kicks the ball, brings you the ball so that you can throw it,can play match the lid with the correct container( I have an assortment of containers and lids for her),loves the 10 beaker set and wait for it...drinks from bottle!

She has been very entertaining, expect when she is not entertaining... like now.Aaaah. Have to go now and leave this post in such a state:( but am going to publish it anyway.
Until later.


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