Swiss Holiday with Baby A

After much thought and planning that involved going back and forth between should we, shouldn't we, we finally did go for a three day break to Lauterbrunnen Switzerland. It was a wonderful experirnce and surprisingly one of the best holidays we have ever had, of course the 26 degree temperatures had a great deal to do with that.

Through the journey I remained anxious that baby A should be okay, hopeful that the sunny weather would hold and in all a bit nervous as this was entirely my idea and if it were to go wrong...well it would be my fault.When I saw this valley for the first time, my breath caught in chest, it was undoubtedly the most beautiful place I had ever seen. Waterfalls all over, a small stream, snow capped moutains towering all around us, fields covered with tiny yellow and white flowers, cows and sheep ....bliss. As an added plus the holiday apartment which we had rented out was also perfect in every way.

We woke up every morning to a beautiful snow clad mountain view.

And walked around in the pretty pathways about 5 min from where we lived.

Staubbach close that it felt it was in our backyard!

View of the village with the church and the waterfall.

We could even take a quick jaunt to Murren ( 15 min away by a furnicular) by ourselves, while amma and dinks babysat baby A for 3 hours.

We ate yummy Vegetable Rosti at the revolving restaurant atop Schiltron before heading back to Baby A.

Now its been one week since we came back and the wetaher has yet again turned grey here...but the memories of the three sunny days in May is still keeping us warm and gay :)


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