Watch us stand

So after trying for many days, I could finally get a pic of baby A standing. She first squats and then pulls herself up. When she does this she always has some toy or object in her hand. In this case its our coconut oil :)

I used to believe dinks was the cutest baby in the whole world...that is when she was a baby, now ofcourse baby A has forced her chitti to move down to number two spot. :)

On the down side baby A has come down with cold again. :( Her nose is runny, she is super clingy and can barely sleep. Someone once told me babies get cold 50 times in a year...I did not believe them then, now I know otherwise.


fullmoononearth said...

Don't you feel like screaming from the roof top about even the insignifacant milestones of her life?
Congrats Miss A for this new achievement!!

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