9 Months update..Baby A takes Baby steps

Baby A turned Nine months old on 18th of may. I still remember about the same time last year when I would see babies who were 8 to 10 months old, I would refer them to as "BiG Baby"! Today I realize how silly I was. No baby whatever the size or age can ever be Big...(rolling eyes)

My darling at 9 months is still very much a baby, but is fast catching up on grown up people skills. About 2 days before she turned 9 months, she took her first 3 steps towards....wait for it....THE TV. Yay! Yesterday she took a grand  total of 5 steps  towards the appa and for some reason she always wants to walk to him but crawl to me! He must be very motivating.

Her 9th month birthdday was made even more special because her ammama and maasi( dinks) were here with us. We had a lovely time and baby A took to both her ammama and maasi without any issues. She even spent most of Saturday with them while the appa and I took the day off and went shopping.

All good things come to end and baby A and I are back to being home alone again.Sigh.


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