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So last march was like a dream.Dinks came down to visit every other weekend which were filled with laughter and sunshine.We sneaked into mother care more times than I care to mention just to look at the tiny outfits.Even though the doctor had told us at the 12 week scan that there was a 90 percent chance that we were going to have a daughter , the always be prepared for eventualities me, refused to accept it. I kept thinking I was going to have a boy, as well I did want to end up in tears when the baby was born.I knew that would be down right unfair and so I was trying to become used to the idea of having a son.Anyway it turned to be a moot point as on April 18th we knew for sure we were having a baby girl.I still remember our tiny daughter weighed just 500 g that day and was moving about like a tiny rocket which has been confined.That evening however turned out to be one of the worst of our lives.

Since a few days I was having fever on and off but on 18th it became worse as I ended getting something like red rashes(only it was not an external rash)and severe swelling and pain in all my joints and limbs.In addition to all this we were worried sick about how it would affect our baby...when things go wrong , it is like an avalanche. Our doctor turned out to be away and we could not reach him, and the only way we can meet a doctor on short notice here in Brussels, is by rushing to emergency which we did at 9 in the night.The doc on duty finally saw us at about 11 and many of them kept coming and going. Since no could speak English well, there was very little information given as to what was happening.I was hooked on to many tubes, started on antibiotics to be on the safer side and admitted at 3 am.What really made things worse was that they sent P home and did not let him stay with me. Needless to say I was a wreak and even thinking about that night scares the hell out of me today.

That week turned out to be as miserable as you can imagine it to be.The fevers would not stop and pain and swelling would not reduce.P stayed with me and supported me every moment. There was not really any other choice as we were so far away from our family. That was the time I really missed amma and appa. ( However old you grow, in time of distress every person remembers their parents!) So every morning we would wait for the results to tell us what was wrong and every day of the seemingly never ending week, we remained in the dark.By the end of the week I was weak,could not eat or keep food down and sleep was nowhere in sight. Finally P and I decided if the doctors could not find out what was wrong, then it was time to go home.Anyway the nurses in the hospital were pathetic and could not speak a word of English.So we took the antibiotics and came home...

Slowly things became better and fever stopped coming. The rashes and swelling went away but no one knows to this date what actually happened. The doctors say it was some virus.Apparently there so many of them now that is very very difficult to identify which strain has caused the problem. A nerve wrecking week after we came home, the ultrasound revealed that in spite of all this our darling girl was fine and had increased to 780g in 2 weeks. We were giddy with relief and thankful that we had somehow managed to survive and get through the tough period. We thought we could finally move on....however fate had other things lined up and that was not the end of our troubles, but that is for another post.

All said and done I think it was amma's and appa's prayers and P's unwavering faith and devotion that tided us through that period.

Our daughter is 8 months old as of today, I sometimes cannot believe that we have come such a long way since last April 18th.

To start with the bad news, we were down with cold again and as of today both amma and baby have runny noses.We have missed more than one social engagement due to this.Sinff...sniff. The weather has also been such a let down this year. As against the 25 degree days of last April, this time its barely crossed 12 degrees. To add to the misery the appa has been coming late from work leaving us alone for almost 12 hours on some days.

On the brighter side, baby A has learnt to clap her hands on demand, say's mam mam when she is hungry or sleepy and thai thai thai at other random times. She loves to play with her tongue and makes queer noises. She stands with support and moves quickly from one point to another using furniture and we have this small green stool ( just the right height for her) which she uses like a walker to get from one place to another. Yes, our baby does not like to crawl. Even when she deigns to do so she never uses her knees...she uses her feet to propel her self forward.

Baby A loves to watch her rhymes and some songs I have downloaded for her and it is my greatest fear she is going to become a tv addict but this is one of those evils that offers me some respite in the day...for how else can I go to the loo or kitchen to fix our mammam! She stands near the tv table and gives a smile for the rhymes she loves and occasionally when very pleased will also clap her hands.So the problem with Tv, I guess we will have to cross the bridge when we get to it.

Since she does not spend much of her waking time sitting, I place her toys or rather line them up on the sofa, on the tv table and other furniture so that she can play with them while she is standing else her fingers find their way into her mouth.

We co sleep in a double bed+one single bed, laid out side by side on the floor as A has a tendency to move a lot her sleep. Even with this arrangement and loads of pillows around us, she sometimes manages to slip down and bang her head! Oh but she loves the super large bed.At about 9 in the evening when she gets sleepy and cranky, we lay out the bed and then suddenly out of nowhere she gets this spurt of energy which she uses to roll around and do acrobatics on the bed! It is a something of a challenge to calm her down and get her back into sleepy mode on some days.

She has really started demanding we lift her these days. She will crawl to us, kneel down and lift her hands above her head and pull at our legs at regular intervals. If we don't give in and pick her up, she gives a loud wail which will not stop unless she gets what she wants.

In short, she is the light and joy of our lives
Happy 8th month birthday baby A. 

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