How to increase Breast Milk Supply?

Eons back, well that's how long back it seems, I wrote how our nursing journey started here.In spite of the rocky start and difficult first few months we soon became pro at nursing and now are very very comfortable with it. Maybe a bit too comfortable, for baby A has not yet taken the bottle and after 1 month of trying formula with glass, I suspect that formula does not suit her.It resulted in frequent throw ups, gas etc. I have not yet night weaned her either and I seem to be coming up with excuses not to. See, too comfortable really.

Anyway I thought I should share the things that worked towrads increasing my supply in the initial days.

1. The law of breastfeeding is simple. Demand and Supply. No demand, no supply. So just like all the internest sites ( Kellymom) tell you, in the first 6 weeks feed the baby often and more. Do not ever supplement with formula as that will surely hamper your production. If you have issues with the latch, then use one of the breast pumps that work for you( preferably electric ) so that you can feed your child and build your supply. You will need to pump at least once in 3 hours consistently for a few days to build the supply.

This works. I have been there and done that. Though the process was very painful and exhausting, the final reward was that in a matter of days we were completely off formula.When I saw the runny, non smelly yellow poop I was secretly thrilled.

2. Offer one breast per feed or the second one only after the baby is done with the first completely. Try offering the same one a couple of times after unlatching before moving on to the next. This way the baby gets more of the hind milk( calorie rich) and along with supply build up, you will be reassured by the steady weight gain. Imbalance of fore and hind milk often results in slow weight gain which makes most mothers suspect low supply.

3. Diet.  A good healthy diet rich in carolies surely helps. The process of birth, vaginal or C section are both very darining and the body needs loads of enegry and rest to recover. So don't worry about your weight now, and continue to pack on the calories.

Though most websites tell you nothing you eat can increase your supply. I disagree, I have experienced low supply on days my calorie intake took a hit.

3. Fenugreek, methi seeds or medeyam. This is a magic pill. You can either choose from a range of capsules available in the market or just include plain seeds in your daily diet. Fenugreek has lots of other benefits too which is an added advantage.

I used to soak the seeds overnight in water and just eat them the next day morning. 3 teaspoons a day. The change in supply happens in a matter of couple of days and is noticeable if you are expressing/pumping.

4. Satavari: This a time tested natural galactogogue.Add a spoon full of Zandu Satavarex Granules, to your daily meal.

5.Rolled oats- Oats is good way to pack on the carolies in a healthy way and keeps the hunger at bay. A spponfull of satavari to your regular oats kanji and you have a good healthy drink.

6.Be stress free- Stress always results in low supply. There is no debating this.

The days following your delivery are very stressful and emotionally exhausting, so it is important you surround yourself with people who are supportive and can be a emotional pillar for you. Shut out random comments and stupid questions, even if it means shutting out close family.

Most importantly believe in yourself.Breast milk or formula, either or both are okay. If nature has made you the mother of a tiny infant, your instincts will tell you what is best for your child, listen to your body and heart and let them be your guide.


fullmoononearth said...

I recently learnt that Gatorade works well too, just a couple of days u see the results. The secret is staying hydrated n Gatorade helps with that

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