Toys we love

Dear A,

You have been so far a wonderful child who has played and enjoyed almost all toys we have bought for you. I don't know if you will ever want to know what you loved back then, but I know I will want to remember all things you loved as you were growing up.

1. Mobile

So the first playmates you had were the three bugs that hang from your mobile. You really loved them especially the green one.Many days you saved your sweetest smiles for that green one.

At about 5 months I think you outgrew them as you could now move and lying on your back was a thing of the past. Just before we came back to Brussels, your appa cleaned the mobile lovingly and packed it up for the next baby in the family.

Sadly I have no good pic of your mobile.:(

2.Play mat

I have heard many parents say, their kids ever played with the playing mat or the toys that hung from there. I am happy to say you liked yours from the start and grew to love in the months we stayed in Chennai. You practically spent all your waking moments on the mat. Maybe it was because by some miracle I decided to buy the super large one which has ample moving space.

Till about 5 months you loved to play with the toys that hung on the bar, your special fav has been ( still is) Lambu( that is what I call him) . When we came back we left the hanging bars behind, but you still gleefully attack the mat whenever I put it down for you. You especially love the mirror and the bunny rabbits now and spend a good 20 min to half hour playing on it. Then you get bored and move on and I fold it up and put it in the basket.

3.Tags and tassels

You still love the tags on all the toys rather than the toys themselves.You love fingering and flicking them.You observe them with one kind of concentration and no amount of calling you can distract you then. Of course, how can I not add that you love to lick them too.

When I give you a new toy,in this case the white tiger your chitti sent, you attacked the tag first and then the whiskers. Since I am scared that the fur will get into your mouth I have decided to give you this when you are a little bigger. You can even name him yourself if you wish.

Here is Lambu( with tags that have been loved and cherished )

5. Ball

You love this ball as it can be rolled, clutched and also makes a jiggle sound.

Other than the usual toys, like all kids you like some "unusual" toys too.

5. Steel patharams and plastic dubbas
You love banging these on the floor and now days you imitate how we drink from glasses using your kutti steel tumbler.The plastic dabbas are great fun too. I try and find ones in different shapes for you from the extremely limited collection of vessels we have here at Brussels. In this matter I wish we were in Chennai, I could have offered you a truck load of safe patharams and dubbas.

6. Measuring tape
This is an invaluable asset and I will not give it up for any cost. Keeps you entertained for a really really long time.

7. Roller thaalagani

Ammama bought two dimbs( that is what we call them) for you to be placed on either side but though it did not serve that purpose for very long, it has been another valuable addition to our toy basket. When you were about three months old, you started playing with it and the nada at the ends. This is the first item you ever clutched and lifted. Even now at 7 months they can excite and keep you hooked for some time.

8. Plastic bottle

Here in Brussels the floor is uneven and so once we roll an item, it keeps moving up and down and you love it. You keep trying to catch it and when it moves away, you get excited and follow it around.:) I love watching you do that.

9.Wires and laptop

Ever since you started pulling yourself up, at every possible instance you crawl to the place where tv n laptop are kept and stand using that as support. Then even though you cannot actually stand without support yet, you remove one hand and pull at the wires and bang on the laptop keyboard with a huge grin on our face.Sigh. I pull you away every time and bring out other interesting items only to have you returning to the same point after sometime.

10. Remote
Since you so love this thing, your Chennai thatha cleaned up one with dettol and disinfected it for you. We have one remote here in Brussels too for you, but I think you loved the chennai one more.

I realize that your toy phase has just started and all toys will have a life span after which they will rest in cardboard boxes sad and alone, for you would have outgrown them and moved on. However I will try to immortalize these moments of joy and learning here and will write a toy letter again after 6 months. By then I am sure there will be new favorites and I cannot wait to see what you will love next.

Until then next toy letter


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