One week now in Brussels

Its been a week here but seems more like a month. Chennai looks like long long back.Our days here are super busy...Miss A engulfs my world and my time like nothing else. Anyway my little one touched another milestone last week. The day we landed she surprised P and me by standing using the sofa in the hall for support. Now all she wants to do is repeat it over and over.She does it in sleep too( she stands using the pillows I put around her.)

We really miss people and noise but that is filled by Wiggels and Gigglebellies. We love them and even P has skip to my lou on his lips these days! :D

The weather was good yesterday so we all went for a walk and even though spring is not yet here I love fact that it is round the corner. The sun reminded me of all that love about Brussels.

We are still battling over the bottle and these days I have almost given up hope that it will ever work for us, which brings me to my new worry, how will I ever wean her?

Anyway c'est la vie
leaving you with my new favorite song


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