Goodnight, sleep tight.

So our baby turned 7 months yesterday and we have established a fairly good routine for ourselves. Of course there are some good and some bad days but it has been OK.

Do you know the first question thrown at P from his Belgium colleges regarding our daughter is " Does your baby sleep though the night" Of course they would go on to elaborate how their babies slept through the night at 4 months. We have not met any Belgian whose child has not slept though the night!

For me the whole thing seems unbelievable. How can any baby sleep straight for 12 hours?( Yes they go to bed at 7:30 PM and get up only the next day at 7 AM.)This,without any night feeds! Whenever P tells me of this I retort back saying they have sleep trained their babies really early. This means that even though they get up in the night they have realized after many days of crying, no one is going to help them and so they entertain themselves and then go back to sleep in their own time.Basically they learn that sleep will come in due time and crying is just waste of energy. I think its amazing how babies can be taught this and I am full of admiration for those who have done it but lets face it, sleep training requires some amount of steel determination, appropriate bedrooms and absolute necessary electronic items like sleep monitors etc.... and of course the will to do it and pull though many days of insane crying which may or may not have the desired results, in which case you take a break and start all over again. I don't have the will or tenacity to do it. I really wish I had. If ever I have another child I will do this for sure but this time round I cannot and that is that.

Moving on to Indian parents, many have complaints about the seep patterns of their babies at some stage or the other but then there are some like my MIL whose babies apparently "slept on their own" . They cannot stop going on and on about it. Really congratulation to you, by some special powers you have managed to conceive and give birth to such wonders on earth. I am truly happy for you. Seriously. I even envy you a bit. So having admitted that can we move on now?

In the last 7 months the one very important lesson I have learnt is that there is no use complaining to even close ones about your lack of sleep due to baby sleep issues, cos that will just result in more fault finding or they will tell you to pull your socks up and face it, as this is what motherhood is all about.

You see,there is no right answer or perfect solution to all this. Some babies can be sleep trained and some are born with sleep powers of their own there are others who have neither advantage and so have to be dealt in a manner that will give the mother, father and baby optimum amount of sleep. Bottom line all babies are different and have varying temperaments and that needs to be dealt in appropriate ways.

I found this write up really good and wanted to share it here.


Seema said...

I don't see the need for a newborn to be trained at all. Not until they're 1-1.5 such that they can understand a li'l as to what is being said or expected.
People seem to pamper their dogs and tend to train their children

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