This day last year-1

This has been one of the most eventful years of our lives...that said I remember huddling in with P in a taxi on a cold winter night to go to the gynecologist. After getting a positive on the HPT, I had an episode of spotting and since it was very similar to what happened the last time... I was devastated. It was a bleak ride to the doctor and I felt that there was no way the doc will be able to confirm anything in a small private clinic run at home. How was it possible to do a beta HCG test or an ultrasound in a small clinic? Once we got in I was pleasantly surprised to find an ultra sound machine right next to his table.Within a couple of minutes our doctor was pointing out to us a small flicker on the screen and confirmed that it was indeed the heartbeat of a 7 week old baby. P and I were so shocked that the doctor thought that the pregnancy was unplanned and we were not happy! But of course we were thrilled but mostly we were dazed. We were going to be parents.The ride back was entirely different and the cold damp night faded away into a night filled with promise and hope. That night I remember not being able to sleep, I kept replying the flicker on the screen over and over again. Conception is nothing less than a miracle of life. Today Jan 4th 2010 seems so long way off...


4 and half moths old Miss A has now settled in her new surroundings. Even though she had turned over on Diwali, she started doing it more frequently and more confidently only after she completed 3 months. Since yesterday she can also go back on her back from her stomach. She makes lots of cute noises and talks intently to her great grand mother and always has a ready smile and a laugh for her great grand father.Its a pleasure to just watch her antics.

Amma has yet again supported us when we needed it by getting A to learn to sleep without rocking....The first few times she cried for almost 1 hour before sleeping but now she has accepted that there will be only patting and no rocking. However she gets up way to many times at night and wants to feed every 2 is exhausting.

She has started refusing the bottle(with expressed BM) since last one month and the clever little thing just decides to go hungry till I give in. The few times she does take the bottle, it is after much cajoling and distraction....even then she will just have about 70 to 80 cc to take the edge of her hunger and wait for me!

We have entered the new year with severe cold and cough. Both A and I are sick and miserable and the worst part is no medicine or nasal drops is compatible with BF. Sigh... but I know that this will also pass off.

Until next blog post
Wishing everyone a very happy new year!


fullmoononearth said...

Happy New Year!!!

Art said...

liked your blogs..adding you to my list...

lipstick said...

@ FME- Same to you:)
@ Art- Thank you. Will link you too in a while.

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