Losing sleep over my baby's sleep....

So we have two weeks before we leave for India and for the first time since our wedding P and I will be away from each other for two whole months and 10 days.I know it sounds cheesy but I can't help it. Even though I want to go home,I am scared of loosing the amazing support I get from P at nights.Miss A does not know as yet to fall asleep on her own and needs rocking and after that its a challenge to place her on the bed without waking her up.Among the great advantages of nursing there was one which I completely overlooked and it is good I did that cos it completely eludes us. I am talking about nursing to sleep, I wish Miss A would fall asleep on my breast and stay asleep. Poor girl is bothered by gas and usually the need to burp awakens her and us.

Chennai...home...even though there are going to be so many people, I think it will be the first time Miss A and I will be truly alone.


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