Can I even think beyond feeding my baby?

Looks like No.Everything is about Miss A and her feeding schedule.It has somehow managed to creep into every small nook and corner of my life and well stay there.In the first two weeks I never thought I would get so is 3 months and 2 weeks now and we are still going on with BF.

The good- She is now at this endearing stage when she will pause, make eye contact with me and give a heart warming smile before continuing.Many times these moments are the shining light of my days...and make everything worth while.

The bad- She was taking the bottle on Thursday and decided she does not like it on Friday.She stubbornly kept pushing it out with her tongue until I gave up and offered her my breast. I almost believed that my poor little girl had suddenly forgotten how to suck a teat...when P came up with the idea about tricking her in her sleep and she wiped the bottle clean!

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