6 weeks update

Miss A is now 6 weeks old and no longer looks or behaves like a newborn baby. Its amazing how much she has changed in one month.It is hard to believe this little bundle was cozily sitting inside me just over a month back.

So now she can fix and follow moving objects and likes gazing at the musical mobile. We now use this in addtion to the hair dryer to distract her.

She makes new sounds every day. Her crying vocabulary is also changing and is becoming more noisy and demanding.

As of yesterday she has learnt to put her right fist in her mouth by her own will. She keeps trying to do that and becomes miserable when she is not successful! I sometimes try slipping mittens on her hands but they always end up on the floor somehow. Sigh. We have way to many mittens and caps ( she hates them too) for this little one !

Last week was one of the sunniest weeks Brussels has seen this year and we managed to take Miss A to Merode park twice. Yay! Finally I could push my own buggy. Yes Brussels is Buggy land where most people have at least one buggy with them. Seriously, I almost had a complex about not having one of my own to push around!

Lastly amma is leaving next week...We will miss her like nothing else. Amma is..well amma. No one and nothing can compare or replace her. I have three home alone days before my MIL comes and I am shit scared.

That's for now...Amma is out shopping and Miss A is bored of her to run.


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