Its 2 in the morning

Another sleepless night.

Miss A caught a bad cold a week back from her dad and what can I say, it breaks my heart that I could not protect my little 2 week old girl from the bad bad cold virus. She is not able to sleep flat on her back due the nose block( I think) and so we now take turns to hold her on our shoulders right through the night praying that she will sleep. The days are another story altogether which mostly pass in feeding, changing her diapers and predominately putting her to sleep. She gives us on rare occasions an hour of sleep and fusses and cries rest of the time. In addition to all this we have rushed her to the emergency, taken her to a pediatrician and even spoken to one back home...all have the same thing to say- everything is normal and it will pass. They do nothing to relieve her pain or misery. So as we wait this phase to pass, I wonder what other things we will fail to protect her from. I know I don't hesitate in pointing out instances where I think my parents did not do the right thing...will she do the same?

Even as we deal with all this, all three of us at receiving end of advices and instructions from those back home in India. Most of them come with good intentions but leave me feeling defensive and irritable, for all said and done they are not here and so may not understand the situation correctly.Its easy to give advice but difficult to implement the same....


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