Harry Potter 7.2

Harry potter has been such a big part of our lives that a few months back when it looked like I will not be with P in July, one of the first things that popped into our brains was HP 7.2. Would we not be able to watch it together? The thought literally brought on a tide of tears. If one knew about the enormity of things happening around us, it would seem as if we were totally mad to even think of this, but what can I say...such is our relationship. Small things bring us together and bind us. :)

Anyway, it all worked out for us and I am still with P in Brussels. Last weekend we went to Kinepolis to watch the final installment of HP. Yes there were deviations from the original plot, contrived scenes for 3D benefit but in all it was worth the wait and we loved being a part of it. You see, it is almost as if someone we know and love, is suddenly on TV and as an icing on the cake, we not only know the actors personally but also the places where the scene is shot.Imagine how it would feel, if every scene had something that bound you individually to it. In such instances, the direction, storyline etc etc...won't really matter. HP movies are like that. It is very difficult indeed to alienate/disappoint HP lovers and fans. However, in spite of the extremely complex story line and characters, the finale was beautifully orchestrated.

I am sure in years to come, we will not only read the books over and over again but will also watch the movies that will take us up close to the characters we love.

Some books, characters and movies are forever, in this case, all the three come together.


fullmoononearth said...

I liked the movie but wasn't greatly impressed for some reason. Other parts seemed so much better.

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