Shor in the city

We saw this movie with dinner last night. At first I was skeptical about the choice as I had not read any of the reviews and for once did not have any idea about the movie. In the beginning, the movie made me very uncomfortable due to the blatant portrayal of harsh realities of India; the mob, corruption, silly teenagers and so on......I guess this how India is and even though I would like to wear rose colored glasses and yearn for my dear perfect motherland, there are times when the glasses have to come off and I have to acknowledge the harsh realities of our nation.

Anyway, as the movie progressed I was pleasantly surprised to see that the movie, though not a commercial mainstream masala, was not grim and serious. It was not a traditional comedy or feelgood movie either.... I don't know how to say it but my feelings towards the movie kept changing as we watched it and in the end I was happy with it.

Since detailed reviews are available aplenty, I will not get into that...however I definitely recommend watching it!


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