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Things have been rocky for sometime now and are now, slowly getting back to normal. Usually when I am restless, I listen to music..... but I realized last week that I was kind of tired of what I had with me and was searching and listening to songs on youtube. Among many others, I found this...for some reason, I don't actually have this song on my collection, even though I have heard it before. Totally love it.

It reminds me of my grandma(thathi) for Krishna is her favorite god and she totally adores him. Though we have our disagreements I miss her and her ways. Sometimes living abroad can be such a pain for you cannot pack your bags and take the overnight Bangalore mail to just go home and say hello.


Pretty Woman said...


virtual hugs! :)....hope everything gets back to being happy and sunshiney soon...Music is very very way to calm yourself! I can just lose it!

lipstick said...

@ PW

Thanks you so much for the hugs :)

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