At 30

So I turned 30 today. For many years it seemed like a really old and grown up age but funnily once you are there it does not actually feel all that different. Yes, I have learnt some more lessons in life and have changed in more than one way, but at the end of it, its just another birthday along the way.


fullmoononearth said...

He he.. funnily true. The week before I was to turn 26 I was filled with mixed emotions. Mostly gloomy that I was growing older. But there on it's being back to the same old ways of waiting to grow older and seem mature. I'm waiting with open arms to turn 30. Must celebrate!!!
Congratulations, if you don't mind me adding :)

Raaga said...

This showed up on my reader today. Belated happy birthday.

lipstick said...

@ Raaga- Forgot to publish it and found it yesterday in my drafts.

@ FME- Thanks. I think thirty is going to be a special year;)

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