A tale of abandonment

I am feeling a tad depressed and my mind goes back to the time when I was shiny and bright. The gleam along the edges was enough to attract attention and I think that is how you found me. Soon I acquired possessions of different kinds. I developed a fascination of bits and pieces of this and that. Things were added to the collection and some removed. My favorite has always been the pale pink lipstick with smears around the edges. The keys were a permanent fixture and the ball point pens without caps my least favorite. Since a few years a cell phone and an mp3 player have also found their way into my kitty. At first I found them bothersome but now I can barely think of myself without them. Among all these things the best part of my life was that I was a part of your life and useful to you.

I don’t know what has happened but something has changed. I lie in a corner nowadays and no one really cares. I still have my cherished possessions with me; A ball point pen without cap, the pink lipstick, a bunch of keys, a small purse with sanitary napkins, a small bag of change, last month’s bus pass, the mp3 player which was running continuously for a few hours before the charge ran out and a mobile phone which rang one last time before its battery drained.

Don’t you need me anymore? How can you leave me, your trusted companion of last 10 years behind? Where are you? I wish you knew your handbag was missing you.


fullmoononearth said...

It's the other way round for me. I miss my handbags, sandals, dresses. I miss having to wake up, get dressed and go to work everyday. I'd wanna go back to those days, just for a change.

Hip Grandma said...

If handbags could talk at least 4 would be clamoring for attention. I have now decided to make life less complicated so my hand bag has just 2 compartments. One to keep money and another with my mobile pen and car keys.The older ones with multiple zips baffle me.

lipstick said...

@ FME- I know. I used to feel that way when I first landed in Brussels. That's when I started really going out of the way to make friends for the sake of having an opportunity to go out....French classes are now a boon in disguise.

@ Hip Grandma- Thanks for visiting. and reading:)

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