Changes along the decade

- When the decade started back in 2000, I did not even know I wanted to travel. With years the dream formed and dictated many of my decisions and actions. I prayed, made career choices and did so many more things to get that, only to realize there is nothing one can do to fight fate. I had completely given up on traveling when 2010 gave me 7 countries(India, Philippines,Germany, Swiss, Czechoslovakia,France and Belgium) and many many different cities/places. My travel lust is finally sated and I am in search of a new dream.

-This is the decade when marriage seemed a stupid idea that mattered only if one wanted to have children. After years of dodging , I finally walked straight into after finding the prefect man for me. Now I think its a wonderful institution with many benefits and with careful maneuvering, it can be worked out to ones advantage.

-This is the decade I came very close to loss and death. I lost two of my grandparents and that has made me see life for what it is. An elaborate mockery, for death always has the final laugh, but that does not stop me from living and doing all the things that it entails. Death is more painful for the living especially the spouse/partner who gets left behind. In a way, I now understand what they feel; cheated and betrayed. I have never feared my own death but now I am scared of pain, that would cause the people I love and I am also scared of loosing them . Previously when anyone told me they don't mind untimely/early death, I used to think of them as practical and even brave, now I think of them as insensitive and selfish, for our lives are not our own and we mostly live for those who love us and need us.

-I have loved my work and hated it turns, but more importantly, I spent most of the decade believing, I could never live without working, only to end it as a homemaker and still happy.

In short this decade started with lot of preconceived notions and many many beliefs. Some of them were shattered along the years and there are some that have made a smooth transition to the other side. It only proves that nothing is permanent and everything is subject to change. Every moment of life changes us in some way and there is no denying that. I am not what I was when I started out this decade and hopefully I have moved towards becoming a better person.

Lastly on a lighter note, I started out this year with a wistful yearning for snow,went on to be over the moon with it and have now finally got tired of it. Yes, may we have warmer weather please!


Guru said...

last point. I completely agree... fed up with not seeing the sun at all... konjum Sun pls

lipstick said...

Can't wait for spring....Thanks for visiting :)

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