The week that was a winter wonderland

It really was. The tiny pieces of white fluff that became water on hitting the ground, turned to bigger snow flakes and slowly transformed Brussels, into a white city, overnight. By mid week, everything was covered in snow and I of course was in 7th heaven, for many snow dreams came true.

Well that week has gone by and all that was white, has now turned brown or melted away.We were subjected to heavy rains yesterday and that has brought an end to the white phase.

Oh winter don't let us down this time
Ride through our home on a sledge of sliver snow
and let us become a part of a winter rhyme.


Life Science said...

Snow flakes!lovely snow flakes!
Bring joy and hope to my special one.
You may melt but hopes will not.
You may go but joy will not.

lipstick said...

I really hope so...

fullmoononearth said...

Still a dream

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