To Prague and back....

So we are back from a lovely snowy trip from exotic Praha or Prague. In spite of the weather conditions, our flights and trains did not get cancelled and we have returned safely. When you think about it, what better way to close a year than a short Christmas holiday, right? But all the walking around in snow has left me weary and tired. I am yet to recover from it. Hence the lack of posts. Don't they say too much of anything is bad? Well I have really had my fill of snow and winter, of wearing so many layers that I always look like a bundle, of being clumsy because I don't know how to do anything with gloves on, of the cap that rests on my head making it impossible for me to wear my hair down, of having to peel away layers and then put them on in every restaurant/cafe or any other place.... anyway enough with the cribbing. In spite of all this my holiday in the city of 100 spires was beautiful. I hope when I am feeling better, I will be more inclined towards making a post which will do justice to our trip. For now, I am leaving you with this cute traditional wooden Czech doll, we found at Prague which now brightens our window sill.


Pretty Woman said...

ha ha ha same here! experiencing the snow is it is a different story! Prague is gorgeous indeed....but I was a tad disappointed with how dirty the place was, the touristy areas being an exception! Happy new year to you and P! :)

lipstick said...

you are so right about experiencing and living the snow. Its so different! Thanks for the new year wishes. Wish you the same.

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