Of seasons

Life here is completely entwined with the weather and its just not the jobless me who feels this way... Many of us obsessively check the weather forecast and even the hourly forecasts to take simple decisions like- should I carry an umbrella today, do I need an extra jacket, boots or sneakers etc get the idea. So it should not be surprising, when I say the mood of the city and its people, vastly depends on the weather.

A rainy day is sure to make almost everyone grumpy. The rains here are very unlike the moon soon/ sudden down pours in India.Back home,a burst from the clouds, has more often than not, proven to be a respite from the hot sunny days. The dust settles down and the plants get a free wash. Everything looks shiny and bright. Here, the rain combined with strong winds, results in one hell of a bad day. All said and done, I still love cloudy days with intermittent sunshine as everything looks beautiful in that light...however hot sunny days with temperatures scoring, are just not my thing.

Moving on to Autumn, it is no secret that I have and I will, always love the colors that define Autumn. It is season that evokes a multitude of emotions. It is about memories, nostalgia and roads not taken. It is about throwing the words like "what", "if" and "now" together and thinking "what if?, "now what?". ..and last of all, it is humbling yet amazing to see nature shed all that is old and prepare for winter. It feels as if nature wants you learn, a very important lesson.

When autumn makes you think and wonder about the complex patterns of life , winter with snow is simple and enchanting. Peaceful. Soothing. It is like recuperating from the year gone by and preparing for cycle of life to start once again. It is surreal to sit back and watch the tiny snow flakes drift down with a hot cup of tea and some good music in the background. It is this weather that I can easily let my mind draw a blank. Almost a year back I mentioned precisely that in this post. :)

I am yet to witness spring in Europe and I don't know if I will be here to do so...but I can imagine what it will be like. A flash of green in the beginning which will progress to a full bloom. I think by then,everyone would have become weary of the constant cold and rain. The mild sunny weather will be a welcome change. Travel will definitely become more easy. I think, it will be impossible not to love spring and I hope, I stay to see it.


Neeti said...

So true about autumn. I love the colors and my head makes water color filters to see the trees along the sides of the street when I'm driving.

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