Looking back...

So after a long time, I caught up with friends back home and I kept hearing different accounts of different thing that really stuck out, was that everyone had moved on. Someone was going on-site, another getting married, getting promoted, a baby on the way, new challenges of motherhood and there was even one filing for divorce... In the last few months so many things have changed and that scares me. I wonder if I will be able to pick up the reins of life and get back into the game. Do I even want to get into that game? Do I have the courage not to? So many unanswered questions.

This stay abroad, is turning out to be something I have always wanted, and with every passing day, I love it more. I love the fact that I am able to avoid the rat race and choose what I want to do with my time. I love the fact that there are far fewer eyes judging and measuring me; Are you putting on weight?, Have you bought a house?, Are you investing correctly? ,What CRR will you get? , Office politics?. There are definitely, far lesser obnoxious people who assume they know/own you and have the right to ask you anything they feel like...of course some of them taint their way across oceans via internet, but the point is, it is easier to shut out topics/people more easily from here. I cannot help but say this, personal space is a unknown concept in India.

So while I gave selective audience to the world and perfected the art of communication over internet, I also spent the last few months reading, seeing movies,dabbling with my colors,being more faithful to my blog, cooking/experimenting, traveling and of course learning a new language. I do have some bad days which make me wonder, about the decisions I have taken and sometimes, I am overcome by doubt and end up feeling a little lost, but then a new day dawns and I go on.

It has been six months, since I landed here, today. I remember the day clearly....It was 12th of June and all that is good in the world shone green and bright. I remember the anticipation followed by a heady feeling of starting over in a new city. All the nooks and corners, waiting to be discovered. The challenge of adjusting to a new way of life....This is longest period, I have ever been away from all that I call home and I am not sure, if I am ready to go back and fall into that way of life, just yet. P has been everything and more I hoped for and I am grateful for that. Call me a coward but I secretly hope that this stint will not end anywhere in near future and if it does, I hope I am ready by then.

So for all that has been and what will be



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