Remembering Autumn

Its been more than decade since I have used water colors as a medium.Last month, thanks to amma and appa I landed myself a brand new set of water colors, brushes and handmade paper. I was incredibly happy to receive these as though using oil paints is much better and has its own distinctive advantage, water colors can be a quicker medium as they dry faster. So I set about painting this picture of autumn...

After completing this, I know why I prefer oils. The scope for modification and creation of depth is restricted, as the paper can withstand only a limited number of layers. Nevertheless I enjoyed the process and will continue exploring this medium along with oils.


Life Science said...

Looks nice.Remember your school days when you used to do nice water colours for the camlin competitions.You may be now a little out of touch .Ofcourse oil colours have definitely much more scope.

Kailas said...

nice couplet and pleased to see snow flakes showering down the pages and pictures.


lipstick said...

yes, the snow its available on blog spot:) I remember seeing it with our fav picture of Shiva on the web.;) I think you added it then.

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