Of Han-Sur-Lesse caves and delays

The days in Brussels are getting more and more depressing due to the Grey cloud that rarely leaves us. The rains pours down almost non stop and the wind never rests. Even now we can hear the whooshing sound it makes outside our window. This has kept us indoors on most weekends and holidays in the recent weeks but then there comes a point where staying in becomes unbearable. A few days back we just needed to get out. To hell with the weather.

We headed towards Han-sur-lesse limestone caves and well the trip was not bad. It could have been really fun in summer but we had to do something and it proved to be quite a day. For starters we ended up waiting in a town called Jemelle for over an hour for the next bus( No 29) to Han -sur-lesse, on reaching there it turned out we had to wait for another hour for the cave tour. To while away time we walked about in the town and this cutie held our attention for quite sometime.

He noted us and trotted towards us

There he is

I guess absence of sugar lumps disappointed him.

We then drooped into a cafe for a hot cup of cappuccino and warmth of the indoors. Fortunately unlike many of our friends, we got a guide who knew English. The caves themselves were simply spectacular. The light and sound show was a pleasant surprise.After having our fill of stalagmites and stalactites, it was time to go back and guess what, another delay. Due to some problem our train was delayed by an hour! It was a day of delays in every way but still better than a regular stay at home holiday.


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