Kicthen Tales-Tawa Pulao

I have never really liked cooking much because it invariably involved cleaning up later and hot kitchens are far from comfortable, especially in the blazing heat of the Indian soil. So when I did learn to cook ( after marriage) I strove to make it "optimum" in every sense.(As less effort and time as possible, minimum usage of oil etc and yet pleasing to our tastes get the picture). It actually suited me. Making three meals a day while working at a place which demanded 12 hours of your day was no easy feat, especially for me. As my amma always says, I have a lazy streak.

Being a stay at home wife in Brussels has been somewhat of a challenge and I have taken it up head long. I am currently in a quest to see if I can lead a life without regular income and yet feel fulfilled. More on that when I have some answers. As a part of this continuous assessment and evolving process, lately I have taken an interest in cooking and even though most parameters are still the same, I want to bring some variance in the type of food we eat. If not for P, well then for me. It all started about 1 month back on some random afternoon when I realized I miss amma's cooking and that I am bored of my own. I have tried some recipes successfully and some not so successfully.. Through all this I have realized I cannot follow recipes to dot. I always add or subtract as I wish and that too mostly due to nonavailability of raw materials readily at hand and almost every time end up making the same dish differently. Again lack of consistency is not a good thing. So I have now decided to catalogue whatever I do in case I like the outcome.

So today I googled on types of pulao's and found a popular Indian dish called Tawa Pulao. Apparently its a Mumbai based recipe. I found many different versions of it online and came up with the one below.


* Raw rice-1 cup
* Oil- 2 Teaspoons
* A pinch of cumin seeds
* Pav bhaji masala- 2 Teaspoons
* Roasted groundnuts-2/3 Teaspoons
* Cut vegetables-( Peas, carrot, capsicum, cauliflower, potato,beans)
* Onion finely diced-1
* Green chillies slit length wise-2
* Garlic clove finely diced-1
* Tomatoe finely diced- 1
* Paneer - 6 cubes shallow fried
* Coriander leaves
* Salt to taste


* Fry the onion & garlic in the heated oil with cumin seeds
* Add the tomatoe and green chillies and let it cook for 2 min
* Add all vegetables and the roasted groundnut and mix well
* Add one cup of raw rice and 3 cups of water. Mix well
* Add salt and pav bhaji masala
* Pressure cook till about 4 whistles
* After cooling add paneer cubes and mix well.
* Dress it with coriander and sever with papad.

Note- You can cook rice separately and then mix it with the gravy. I prefer to pressure cook so that the rice completely takes in the flavor and well... its just easier.

We liked this recipe as it tasted different. A good change.The only downside was it did not go well with plain curd and we simply must have curd with all meals. So next time I plan to make onion raitha to go with it.


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