A diwali away from home

When I think of Diwali today, I am left with an image of us(amma, appa and dinks) in our terrace bursting crackers. On some Diwali's it would be in the mornings( really early, we would still be in our payjama's), others in the evenings. Amma, sometimes appa would insist of lugging a bucket of water to our terrace for safety reasons. Some crackers would burn, some would fizz out due to rain. On some days we would go to the terrace and watch the sky light up with gems and other colorful crackers.

There are memories of us huddling into the STD booth at 5 AM, to wish our grandparents in Trivandrum and Bhopal. Later on when they moved to our apartment complex, I remember us wearing our new dresses and going to do namaskaram in the morning. Ammama would have prepared many different sweets and she would ask either me or dinks to go and give to our neighbors.I think I have snuck out a few from the plates when no one was looking. I remember the way we would shout and talk over the blaring noise of the special TV program's in our paternal grandparents place, before someone forcefully shut it down.We would all then move to the dining table for a full south Indian meal. Thatha would have a old story to retell. Appa would crack some joke and unadulterated laughter would follow.

They are assorted memories of different Diwali's ,almost like a collage of images formed and carefully pinned up along the years. Even though in the more recent years we avoided bursting crackers and lost interest in wearing new clothes, I am so glad my parents and grandparents gave us some good memories to remember and cherish for if they had also lost interest/ enthusiasm when we were kids, we would have no memory to hold on to...

This is my first Diwali away from India and I am so glad to have these random images with me...
They fill up the gaps and missing pieces. The day would not feel like a real Diwali without them.

Happy Diwali!


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