Colored memories of Bruges

I have recently rediscovered that I love painting. As a child and a teenager I lacked patience and was quick to toss away any work as not "good enough", which would usually result is extreme distress and anger at everyone around me. Amma has born the brunt of many of my "moods". If you are reading this amma, I am truly sorry for those episodes. Last November, almost a year back I ventured back into this world, taking one tentative step at a time in the dark.I must say the journey has been rewarding so far. The steps have now grown more firm and the path ways now seem clearly delineated...

I started this painting soon after my trip to Bruges. I was so in love with the waterways and quaint architecture that I had to capture it on canvas. This particular setting is often experienced in Belgium; An overcast evening sky which is usually a Dark Blue/Grey with the Sun breaking through the cloud cover in one corner. This climate lends dramatic coloring to the surroundings. In Bruges, since the waters are muddy and murky ,an overcast sky makes them appear dark brown. All this is in contract with the bright colored buildings makes a very startling picture. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Medium-Oil on Canvas
p.s- I completed this painting quite sometime back but due to lack of sunlight, I could not take a good photograph of the same.


Life Science said...

It is really lovely and I share with you the beauty which you have captured with your brushes. Thank you Keetu.

lipstick said...

love you amma. :)

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