Born Into Brothels: kids with cameras

After the glowing recommendation given by dinks about the above documentary, I decided to watch it yesterday. I was just contemplating downloading it when I found it in you tube.( It is available in 8 parts) Needless to say Dinks was spot on, I loved the peice and the way it was shot.

Two documentary filmmakers Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski chronicle their time in Sonagchi, Calcutta and the relationships they developed with children of prostitutes who work the city's notorious red light district. By handing out camera's and teaching them photography they not only got a chance to look at the life in the filthy streets from the children perspective but also gave the children a chance to change their lives, if they wanted. So unlike other documentaries where we see the subject, through the eyes of the film maker, here we get a glimpse of Calcutta's notorious district from eyes of the children born and brought up there.

At the start of the journey the children are curious and explore their talents willingly and in fact even express the need to get out of there. They seek help and after a long and arduous struggle, the film makers actually get them a chance to completely break free but its sad that some of them don't utilize it.

In all the journey is heartwarming, the innocent insights into the lives of these children really touch your soul and I would like to recommend watching this to one and all.

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