Wednesday Afternoon in Brussels

Last Wednesday, a friend of mine and I decided to go shopping for a bag for her and since the weather was just right( not to sunny and not rainy) we made the best of it and went exploring after that.

Brussels is best explored on foot and there is nothing like roaming around the city on a pleasant weekday afternoon. The crowds are less and people are more relaxed. One can always see groups of school kids doing outdoor study trips especially at historic places. It lets you see the city in its true colour. As we did that we went searching for Janneken Piss. Everyone who comes to Brussels knows about the Mannekin Pis, but few people realize that the little peeing boy now has a little sister. Apparently it was created in 1985. Though it is hard to find people who have found their way to Delirium Café cannot miss it A little girl squatting indelicately and doing her business,Janneken is about as tasteful as you might expect. I was stunned to see it and quite literally did not have any thoughts at that time, but on hindsight maybe its not so bad...If you can have a little boy pissing to save Brussels, why not a little girl. Ha, it did not take too long to my feminist side to kick in eh?

People of Belgium love their Beers and their Frites( Potato Fries). These two items not only top the food and drink list but are also the national pass time. No Belgium experience is complete without these two. So that afternoon I had my first taste of Belgium Beer at a quaint little place in one of the narrow streets near Grand palace. Since I usually don't like the bitter taste of alcoholic drinks, I settled on "Kriek". ( which means cherries) .It was sweet and actually quite nice....very unlike other beers. I also realized that every beer has its own serving trade mark glass and they come in so many different shapes! This is one of the interesting ones.

On a lighter note, I found this video on you tube.

Well, I love their waffle, frites and now beer.


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