Three years gone by...

As I was talking to dinks last evening I was feeling rather put out and the fact that it was my third wedding anniversary did nothing to make me feel better. The below logic evolved as a part of that conversation.

All anniversaries, birth day's and new year's are more often than not anticlimactic. Since all of them mark the completion of yet another year, they usually propel us to reevaluate our life and push us into a retrospective mood.This progression of thought usually leaves people nostalgic, melancholic and out of sorts. This is what I think initially propelled people into celebrating the important year anniversaries and in due course the ritual of making a day out of it became the normal thing to do. Dining out, I can wager is the most done thing and it makes sense. Eating and drinking especially with family and friends are the oldest known, tried and tested feel good mechanisms.

So there I was feeling satisfied with my reasoning and it only seemed normal that we should also go and do some dining out ourselves but then P came late from work. His day had been disappointing and tough. His interest for eating out was way below normal which translates to " -50" as normal level in his case is "0". By then I was beat and my mood back into the firm grip of nostalgia ( I had gone through our marriage photo albums and other random snaps taken over the last 3 years), so I just gave up and we fell back into our usual Friday routine. Cooked pasta together and then dined with consecutive episodes of bones.

As I slipped into slumber last night, I remeber feeling content and my ruffeled fetahers were soothed. That is when I realized there is great comfort in routine and traditions. The systematic tick-tok of the clock can sometimes lend you the hand of much needed stability and solace. Maybe our anniversary was unremarkable on the outside but it is remarkable that we have found peace in the mundane and enjoy it with each other. This I believe, is one kind of love. Maybe the enduring kind and I sincerely hope it tides over the seasons to come.


Pretty Woman said...

Happy Anniversary K and P! :)...I loved the way you expressed it...isn't what makes you happy the most that matters? :)

lipstick said...

Thank you:) and yes I think that is the only thing that should matter.

Raaga said...

Many happy returns... the most important thing is the knowledge that you have one another to share life with :)

lipstick said...

Thank you Raaga:) and welcome back to the blogging world.

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