Shop to death

Its been a very very long time since I have done any serious shopping. Though I love to window shop, it often remains just that because of my need to plan. So any thing I buy has to be absolutely useful and worth the money and that means multiple trips to different shops followed by comparison of prices, coming back home and dwelling on weather it is "required" or where it has to be "placed". Yes, every single item should have its own space at home. So buying something is long draw process and has very little to do with impulse most of the time. This has often amazed many of my friends and acquaintances who just can't understand why I think so much about one item. Well, that is me.
After coming here, I have been planing and planing some more to buy winter clothes and had it all thought out. So when we went to Cologne this weekend, I indulged and got myself lovely winter clothes. After shopping from 11 Am to 5 PM I was drop dead tired but in a very happy place.You know the tiredness combined with feeling of contentment... makes everything seem perfect.
No wonder shopping is most common pass time and considered a quick fix.

ps- P was an absolute darling and did not grumble or mumble for the entire duration. Thank you so much dearest husband. :P


Pretty Woman said...

I am absolutely NOT like you in this aspect! Would love to see your winter clothes...put up pics?

Neeti said...

Go Jij!!!! Now I'm going to tell Nitin about this.

lipstick said...

@ Pretty woman- Yes I are as impulsive as they can get! :D
@ Neeti- :) Well your Jij does not read this blog :)

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