Tourist friendly Swiss

Swiss is the most beautiful country I have ever visited and one of the reasons people can enjoy the beauty is that it is spectacularly tourist friendly.

Traveling by public transport in Swiss is extremely expensive, especially if done without a suitable travel pass but on the positive side they have many alternate passes ( 5 day, 6 day continuous, 8 day etc) one can choose from and P and I made the best use of them. On rainy days we would just board one of the scenic routes( example Golden pass,Lötschberg Centovalli Express,Glacier pass etc) and sit back ,snuggle up and watch the scenery pass by through wide and tall glass windows. It was as if we were in a postcard. This was our salvation when we found some peaks were inaccessible.

This picture was taken from a moving train through the glass windows.

In addition to this we found , maps, excursion ideas and points of interest booklets available for free at every station/tourist information point and even the post office. They have web cams kept at strategic points which provide live broadcast in a TV channel ( again available at most stations/post offices etc) to give the tourists a clear idea of the weather there( The Mountain peaks). This starts at 5 in the morning and goes on continuously till sunset. Needless to say with the prevailing weather condition that week, it helped us immensely in deciding and mapping out our day.There are internet points available at every post office which allow browsing by dropping a few coins. We used this to check for weather but only because we could not figure out how to use the swiss com phone booths to check for weather. All one had to do was dial 3 digits followed by some coins!

On top of all this the people are extremely friendly. On the very first day while we were traveling from Geneva to Interlaken, an retired old man introduced himself and invited us to sit on his side of the train saying the view was going to be really nice for the next few minutes! He then went on to tell us little tit bits about the place. We were impressed. During the rest of our stay we kept meeting friendly people in trains, tourist information offices and so on. Maybe its just us but we never met people like this in Paris or Rome.

At the end of it, for people who have to check out in the morning but are still spending the day in Swiss-Lockers at Every station. One can drop the said number of euro's in coins depending upon the size of the locker and then the system lets you lock the storage and remove the key!


Pretty Woman said...

:) Sounds like a traveller's dream! I have also noticed that people in popular cities like Paris or any major cities are even rude sometimes....honestly, its the same in every major city in most countries...As you move on to the countryside...people are nicer, friendly and most importantly, have big smiles... :) Glad to see you travelling more and more...

Keerti said...

Thank you:) You should know about this as you have yourself travelled quite a bit.

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