Sitcoms and Drama

Yesterday P and I watched the first episode of Castle season 3 and I wanted to write about it because among many other things, this was one thing that both of us enjoyed. The minute I opened this blog and started writing, my mind kept going backwards. I had to delve into all the sleepy corners of my mind to go to an era ruled by Blossom,Wonder years and Small wonder.

My love for sit coms/drama started out pretty early.Anyone remember "Blossom"? It used to come on TV during my school days and was about the relationship of a daughter in her teens with her father.

After that I think I was hooked to Tarzan( the non animated version) and in fact I remember one Saturday evening it just stopped being aired and I was devastated. I think I even shed some buckets of tears over that. When I was in 10th standard around 15-16 years old , I developed this obsession with x-files and since we did not have cable Tv at home( Parents!), I used to sneak to my Grandparents place and watch it at night. It was always a struggle. My mom would think 10 PM was too late to go to Ground floor, ( My grand parents lived on the ground floor and we on the 3rd) and then Grandparents had their own serials to watch and would not give in as quickly as I would have liked to my pleas.There have been so many fights...phew. It was always worth it though, because those 40 min took me to a world so different from the one I knew.

I soon gave up fighting for time slots and serials/TV took a back seat until Roswell. This time I had to wage war with my maternal grandparents for TV time as my paternal ones had sworn not to entertain me any more. I would bribe my way through by agreeing to learn cooking, cutting vegetables or pretending to be interested in stitching! That was the period when my ammama really wanted to mold me into an ideal south Indian bride! But all is fair in Love, War and Sitcoms.

Then there was "Small wonder", "Wonder years" and how can I forget Lizzie Maguire. After all that came the era of "Freinds" when almost everything was overshadowed by it.

Along the years, I grew up with each of these serials and subsequently grew out of them.I still love watching friends from time to time and usually do it when P is not around. ( P just cannot stand watching Friends!).

After college we went through some years when we did not have TV at home! Nobody wanted to buy one until I decided enough was enough and took the initiative! During that dry spell, I completely lost touch with TV serials and I never really found my way back to them until 1.5 years back when my BIL introduced P and me to House md. We instantly fell in love with it. Most of our evenings and weekends were spent watching House md over and over again. I think we have seen all the 6 seasons at least 3 times over! So while we waited for season 7 to commence we started hunting around of similar serials and we landed Castle and now Bones.

The thing about serials is that they last only 40 minutes and are apt for weekday nights. With some humor and a decent story thrown in they can really help in taking your mind of other mundane matters. This week all our favorite series are starting a new season- Castle, House and Bones. Can't wait to watch them all!


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