Peepli in us

We saw this movie last night and the reason I suggested it to P was that I thought it was a funny movie. I thought it was something like Well done abba by Shyam Benegal. (By the way, if you have not seen this movie then please give it a shot. Though the movie starts of slowly it soon has you rolling with laughter. )
Anyway coming back to Peepli Live, it was nothing like Well done Abba. I was disappointed by the sad ending, however Anusha Rizvi, the writer-director of the movie has shot a smart movie with the a simple story without taking any sides or projecting any opinion on the audience. This I think was the best aspect of the movie. Every person seeing the movie might become a bit sad towards the end but I am sure each one will have his/her own views and take aways from the movie. The movie reminds us how are country is today....
The film has been made with integrity, never wavering from the central point but is about a bunch of people who have none.

A must watch.


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