Jungfrau- The Highest of Highs

I know in years to come whenever I think of my Swiss Holiday, the first picture that will light up my mind, will be of us playing in the snow. I have always been fascinated by snow and during the last winter (December 2007) I spent in Europe (Ipswich) it did not snow. I felt so cheated. So this time P promised me, we would go to the snow if that did not come to us!

So on Sunday the 29th of August at about 5:40 Am, P got up to the alarm and rushed to our bedroom window to check if we could see Jungfrau. On a clear day a part of the mountain range would be clearly visible and it was there; a faint outline with stars above. The hint of a clean and sunny day. On seeing that we quickly rushed through our morning ablutions and packed steaming hot Maggie in tiffin boxes and were off to Interlaken ost at 6:40 AM. We took our favorite train to Lauterbrunnen and then from there we took the train to Kleine Scheidegg.

This journey was really one of a kind. P and I lowered the windows of the train and took some pictures but none of them actually do justice to the real thing. This journey was one of those experiences where the mind draws a blank and only records what the eyes see; beautiful awe inspiring views; the Majestic Alps in close up. Once we reached Kleine Scheidegg, out came our gloves, mufflers and caps. The next train took us through a tunnel built inside the mountain and right up to Jungfrau. The journey from Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch took approximately 50 minutes though the journey a TV plays a documentary on how the railways was constructed. Our Swiss holiday was one of the best experiences we have ever had for many reasons, but for P, I suspect it was the railways that really clinched it. ( P's first love was, is and always will be Trains).Apparently, the idea of a railway tunnel to the Jungfraujoch to make the glaciated areas on the south more accessible, came into the mind of Adolf Guyer-Zeller in 1893, but the building of the tunnel took 16 years and the summit station was opened in 1912. How cool is that?

Once we reached the top, we were like two excited kids. The sky was blue and we were surrounded by snow. Thanks to P's early bird policy there were very few people up there and in fact I think we were there even before many of the snow fun activities opened. We were the first ones to rent our tubs and go sliding down the snow. We had such an awesome time doing that. The chill, the bright sun, white snow and all this with dearest P was almost like heaven for me. The only blip in all this was that both of us lost our sun glasses. We tried buying one at the shop there but it did not quite appeal to us.

We spent a whole of 5 blissful hours there and by the time it was 2:30 Pm we were tired and ready to leave. The tourist groups (mostly Indians) had landed there in massive numbers and well you can imagine how it would have become... The whole place was filled with loud Indians and their even louder parents and cranky kids. On the way back we went via Grindewald and spent some time walking around that place. It’s a cute little tourist town and ideal for people who don't want to travel around too much and have a reasonable holiday with all amenities.

That night I remember sleeping very contently. One of my dreams had come true.


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