Castle of Thun

I have an endless fascination with Castle's, Stories behind them and romance. That was one of the first things I noted about Belgium- It has the maximum number of castles. Of course it is altogether another story that I am yet to visit any one of them and I blame it on the bad public transport connectivity!

So when Monday, the 30th of August dawned with a deary cloud cover, P and I decided to go exploring Thun( In Switzerland) and maybe visit the Castle of Thun.. The Train dropped us of in Thun in about few minutes and a really nice lady at the tourist information center saw us struggling with the maps and pamphlets and helped us with some directions and additional information. This is one thing I loved about Switzerland and its people. I have not seen any country which is as tourist friendly. More about it later.

So we spent half day walking around Thun and visiting the castle which is free for Swiss pass holders. It was perfect for a gray morning. The Castle by itself makes a lovely picture but once inside the majestic rooms and huge windows really caught my imagination. I have a faint inkling that P felt I spent far too much time leisurely strolling from one window to another and reading every single line on display in the rooms that have been turned into a museum... but the huge doors with knockers and large windows reminded me of fairy tales and I am still a sucker for them. I remember the 2 big volumes of Fairy Tales appa had bought for me and dinks .They were shiny and a pale green color with a few sketches on the cover. Today they are look worn out and have food marks in many pages. The hard bound cover is almost completely detached from the book. In short it looks shabby but that only shows how much they were read and loved; Rapunzel, princess and pea, the 12 dancing princesses etc etc. As I walked through the castle, memories of all those times when I would rush back from school and have my tiffin( 4'o clock snack) with these books came flooding back. Is it not said that a place becomes special more because of the experience/memories we associate with them that the place itself? Maybe that is why this post has found its way here first...

The castle is situated on a hill with a view of the whole city and the lake from its four towers. All four towers are accessible by small winding staircases and ladders. The view is worth the climb, by the time we landed there the clouds were slowly breaking and like the famous song goes one can say, on a clear day you can see forever!

Before we left, we wrote a little note between some playful laughter and took a picture of it in an impulse and I am glad I did that because on a day like today when I am feeling beaten by the incipient cold and the weather is stubbornly cold and damp, this post and the picture brings warm memories and makes me smile.


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