Signs on a memory lane

Today while I was talking to a friend from my work place, she said she felt as if I was just two cubicles away. That made me realize that even though we try hard, it is not possible to entirely cut away from places we have been in the past. Every work place, collage, school or house you have lived in retains a part of you and as we journey though life we leave little pieces of us along the road. As the past holds little pieces of us, we also form memories which are indexed away. Some are good and are always under constant sunshine,then there are others which are banished to the shadows. There are some really dark ones which we might think are completely erased but have just been sitting hidden away in murky corners. Most of them lie there silently till the point when we connect with something related to the past, then the cog wheels start churning and we are taken back in time. The gaps are filled in as the path traveled emerges clearly with the small pebbles along the pathway, which light up like little memory bulbs to lead us on when doubt takes over.

The roadways never forget the travelers that went that way and whenever you are ready they can always take you back to wherever you came from. This is life’s way of showing you however fast or far you travel, there will always be the series of memories which can take you back instantaneously to a time long forgotten.


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