Saturday evening Inception

We saw inception last evening and followed it up with a dinner ( Falafal) by de brouckere. The movie needless to say was awesome and dinner pleasant so in all it was a good experience. While we were coming back P and I slowly slipped out of contemplations and started talking about the movie which quickly escalated to be being debate about what did Christopher Nolan actually intend.

On googling we found that different people had many different views. The interpretations and discussions were detailed and covered things that we had not even thought off. So what started out as a venture to get “things” cleared only became more confusing!

I love watching movies like this one as much as anyone else and can appreciate a good story, smart acting and even like when the movie gives me something to think about, but it irks me when the movies don’t have closure. It’s like an itch. Is it not imperative that the writer tell the audience how he intended the movie to end?

Sigh. I have discovered I don’t like the ending to be open. I like to know all is well that ends well. Pathetic, I know, but true.

Nevertheless Inception is a must watch!


Pretty Woman said...

:) I liked the movie too but felt that the execution could be better...

there is a typo in the wrote 'inspection' instead of 'inception... :)

Keerti said...

That is correct. Thanks for pointing out the typo.Have corrected it now.

And hey I I loved your positivity week!

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