Old Hindi Movies and some Laughter

There are many things I knew I wanted in my marriage and hence struggled to find the optimum fit but then there are something’s which were a bonus and I believe that is pure luck. I got lucky just like that when I discovered P loved watching old Hindi movies as much as I did. Ours being an arranged marriage, there was no way I could have known that, other than if I had specifically asked him about it, but I had not.

Yesterday we treated ourselves to the movie “Angoor”. The print was old, the picture not so clear yet it made one of my evenings wonderful. The movie is well done and the humor is simply the best. It had us rolling with laughter through out. I swear I have not laughed so hard in a very very long time. Next in line is P’s all time favorite Gol Mal with Utpal Dutt and Amol Palekar.


Raaga said...

Golmaal tops my list... followed by Chupke Chupke... then movies like Mrei Biwi ki Shaadi etc etc :)

lipstick said...

:) I love Chupke Chupke.

Pretty Woman said...

:) Moi aussi! I love 'Abhimaan' for the music and very realistic storyline!

lipstick said...

@ pretty woman- yes I love that movie too:)

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