Quick jaunt to Antwerp

My first real weekend at Brussels took me Antwerp. It’s a town near Brussels very famous for its diamond districts. It so happened that last Saturday, P's team had a team lunch organized at a nice little Jain restaurant called Aahar in Antwerp. Saturday morning saw us catch a train to Antwerp after a bit of hustle and bustle due to the confusion regarding the time of departure! It is so typical, is it not?...these last minute hiccups and disputes regarding "when we should leave". Anyway P and I settled our ruffled feathers and somehow managed to leave. I am glad we did that because in all we had a nice time.

The shopping street and the weather at Antwerp really cheered me up and most importantly P and I tasted our first Belgium Waffles there. We shared one, on an indulgent wimp as neither of us were really up to eating anything after a heavy lunch. They were so yummy! I can't wait to have another...

The Shopping street by itself reminded me of oxford street of London.

All the aimless wandering brought us to a "Jagannath Rath yatra" organized by Iskon. It was a bit to strange to see vedesi's dressed up in traditional finery like sarees and dhoti's. They were propagating vegetarianism ... It made me wonder what actually leads them along this path?

Anyway, by 5 in the evening we were tired and ready to leave.We took the IC train from Antwerp and reached brussels in exactly 35 min.While I am on this topic, I must must say the central station at Antwerp is awesome with 5 levels! Leaving you with some snaps of that and some information.

Antwerpen-Centraal (Antwerp Central) is the name of the main railway station in the Belgian city of Antwerp. The original station building was constructed between 1895 and 1905. The stone clad terminus buildings, with a vast dome above the waiting room hall were designed by Louis Delacenserie and the vast (185 metres long and 44 metres high) iron and glass trainshed by Clement van Bogaert. The station is widely regarded as the finest example of railway architecture in Belgium.


Guru said...

did u get a chance to go to the Diamond Museum.. and indulge in some diamond Shopping :D

lipstick said...

Saw the diamond shops with huge price tags....diamond museum..will go there next time....

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