Keeping it Simple

So I am still in Chennai. I have been here now for a week and I will be here for another. Chennai as usual has been unbearably hot and sweaty, other than today when the clouds decided to smile on us. The dreamy weather just added to the wonderful time I have been having at home. This has been the first time since Aug 2003, (I stared working then) that I have been at home, totally at peace and relaxed. A real holiday…my brain is in shutdown mode. I get up late, read at leisure, shop at T Nagar and watch movies with amma. To add to all this, I have not had to plan and cook. I hardly step into the kitchen but to help out amma in small ways. In short, it is bliss. This break from work has done me more good than anything else in the recent years.

I never thought I would be happy without work, because all said and done, my life has been spiraling towards better, since I started going to work. Working has always made me happy and some would even call me a workaholic… but then somewhere along last year things started changing.

I have taken a short break from work. I want to see if I can live with the fact that I don’t earn my living. I really don’t know if I can do that and if I can’t, I don’t know, if I can find alternative employment. In fact I don’t know too many things!

So I am in the first step. A deep cleanse. Hence, the shut down mode. With another 5 days to go I want to ensure I make the best of it. 


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