Happy Two

That day when we tied the knot,
What the outcome would be, I knew not.

But ever year we cross together,
Is like a step towards Forever

A forever I welcome
For I know now, togetherness can never be tiresome

I have learnt love is the key
And happiness will come to be

Happy Anniversary dearest P.


Raaga said...

Time does fly... many happy returns

Keerti said...

thank you:)

Vibhuti said...

Wish you the very best, in the coming years of blissful togetherness.
ONly one question ...
I suppose you wish to say " I knew NOT"..
I thought 'NAUGHT' meant zero???
Also a romantic way to wish your spouse in verse!! :)

Pretty Woman said...

Happy anniversary babes :-) Many more loving years to come...

Keerti said...

Thank you Pretty woman and Holy Ash.

Holy ash- yes it was a mistake. thanks for pointing it out.

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