If I knew then what I know now

Dear 18 year old me,

Don’t worry, this era of teens will soon end and you will be in a job holding on your own. It will be the dawn of a new age. The awkwardness at never being able to fit in will fade with years and you will emerge sure and secure in being who you are. Those who scorn at you today will become irrelevant tomorrow, so don’t crumble at the snide glances and cruel smirks. The tears that wreck you at night are not worth it. The present you find so painful will become a mere blur in future, for by the time you are 28 you would have learnt that key to happiness is acceptance.

You will grow to love yourself and believe in yourself. You will meet many people who will appreciate you, for all that you are and love you inspite of all that you are not. Don’t get irritated with this letter for not answering any of the pertinent questions like whether you will ace your exams or find love and marry. From being 18 to 28 is a journey you have to make towards self discovery and along the way you will learn to be comfortable in who you are and what you can/cannot do. I can give only assurance that all will turn out fine and not directions, as some journeys have to be made on your own.

Though all this might seem like gibberish to you now, clouded as you are by anger and hurt, at things which are so beyond your control, you will see sense at 28 and do exactly what I am doing now; writing you this letter.

Yours truly,
28 year old me

sent to Lost in Post


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